A Critical Cause: 24-Hour Game-a-Thon 2017

A Critical Cause: 24-Hour Game-a-Thon 2017

A Critical Cause: Gamers for Mental Health

This is the 3rd Annual 24 Hour Game-a-Thon brought to you by The Critical Hit Team, (www.criticalhit.tv) but the second in support of A Critical Cause: Gamers for Mental Health.

It's estimated that 1 in 5 Canadians will develop a mental illness in their lifetime. Even though these illnesses are common, people with mental health issues can still feel lost and alone.

Maybe you know a friend who struggles with depression or maybe you are fighting your own battle, but unfortunately there are little-to-no resources for those dealing with these problems that they may not know how to solve. With your help, we're going to change that.

So on April 22nd, 2017 starting at noon, everyone on The Critical Hit team will be participating in a 24 hour video game marathon in support of mental health research and resources.

To watch a live feed of the Game-a-Thon, click here: http://www.twitch.tv/criticalhitdottv

Thank you, everyone, for your support. We couldn't do this without you.

To make your gift go further, we currently have a Community Building Stretch Program. For every $5 gift to A Critical Cause, The Winnipeg Foundation will add another $1 to the fund, up to a maximum of $2,000 per year.

$4,600.00 CAD


Please note: If you wish to participate you can register here.